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Cool Points

Jun 20, 2013

So…my Community Group is doing Scripture memory this summer.  Like, BIG time.  Like a verse-a-day memory.  


The last time I set out to memorize passages of Scripture was probably when I was a 12 year old homeschooled kid.  My sisters and I memorized 3 chapters of Matthew (think the Beatitudes) and put motions to them (think UBER nerdy).  While our social status took a massive hit, the motions were actually quite helpful.  But as an adult, I can’t really see me saying these verses to my group with full motion…or SHOULD I?  Maybe we are so retro now that nerdy is hip?  Maybe I would get MORE cool points?

What do YOU do for Scripture memory?  Wanna join me in Romans 8 for the summer?  ANY and all tips are QUITE helpful.  If I sound desperate, well….I AM.  So…ideas?

Lots of love to you,