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Fam Time

Sep 04, 2012

I had the absolute best time with my family this past weekend in Memphis. We were all together except my sister and husband that live in Colorado and they were (obviously) greatly missed. 6 adults, 6 kids, and 1 dog in 1 house. Good thing we love each other so much =) 

I have 5 nieces and 1 nephew, the oldest being a 7 yr old girl. That oldest one was attached at my hip every second of the day. From the moment I walked in the door Thursday night at 11:00pm until the moment I left Monday morning, I could be sure that Gracie Lyn would not leave my side. 

One of my favorite moments with Gracie was on Friday morning. Usually when I wake up, I make some coffee and then get to spend a good chunk of time by myself reading, praying, worshipping or (because I am single) doing whatever it is that my heart desires =) This was not so much the case over the weekend. I found myself with my usual coffee, books and music in hand but this time Gracie’s big beautiful eyes staring right at mine beckoning for some attention.

I had two options at the moment. I could either tell her I need “alone time to spend with God”, or I could incorporate her into what it looks like for me to spend time with God. The more I thought about it, the more I felt a tug to include her rather than exclude her. 

The next few moments were so incredibly precious to me. I asked Gracie what it was that she wanted God to do in her life that day and we got to pray for those things. We got to listen to some worship music and sing, and then she sat there while I read a bit. 

Nothing earth shattering happened, except for the fact that I was totally encouraged by hearing from a child how they connect with God. Honestly, it probably did more for me including her in my morning rather than excluding her. 

Child-like faith. We are supposed to have it, right? We hear it come out of Jesus’ mouth several times and it is the basis of Priscilla’s study, He Speaks To Me.

It made me wonder if our blogging moms have “spent time with God” with their kids. Have you? What did you do? Do you have any suggestions for the other mommys out there or any stories to share?

So much to learn from our little ones! Fill us in . . .


I had to show off the little ones =)