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Film Shoot – Day 2

Rachel Anne | Feb 04, 2010

Day #2 of filming was a blast. Of course, the two days it decided to rain are the two days we had to shoot film outside; however, it worked out beautifully. We cannot wait to see how the videos will turn out!

In between filming, we got to talkin’ again about our different giftings and how each of ours are so different, and yet so necessary for building up the body of Christ. Today would not have worked if we didn’t have the film guys who know which camera angles to use, or the production assistant to choose the filming spots or the head honcho to make sure everything ran smoothly. We even got to catch a little video of our own friends at Going Beyond . . .

((video unavailable))

So what about you? What are the gifts you have been given? Are you using them? Be encouraged that God created you just as you are, and He wants you to use the giftings He’s given you in a unique way for His purposes.