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Grace Notes

Mar 08, 2011

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pIf you’ve ever studied music, you’ve probably heard of grace notes. They are embellishing notes (written in a smaller size) that are added to create interest and beauty to the main tune. They are placed in the music line to be simply ornamental. Like musical decorations. Once you know what grace notes are, you can hear them everywhere…and I remember listening for them as a child when my mother would play classical music on the record player. Tiny little treasures, little flips of the piano keys or strings that made the music come alive./p
pI thought of grace notes last night, as I set down the phone after taking a call from Priscilla./p
p”Whatch doin’?” she’d asked./p
p”Um, at this very moment? Cleaning the toilet.” I said. I looked down at that white bowl and sighed. Oh, the drudgery./p
p”Come see a movie with me!” she invited. Well, it took me about a half second to put down the scrub brush and make a dash for my lipstick and purse. Hallelujah, I think I heard angels singing!/p
pPriscilla’s simple invitation reminded me how much little grace notes mean in everyday life. Without the small touches of things like sunshine, a heartfelt “thank you,” a smile, a hug, an email, a spring breeze or warm cookies, life can be a bit mundane and ordinary. Boring. Lackluster. Like a music line with no ornaments./p
pBut add a grace note, and wow! Suddenly everything can change./p
pToday, look for the grace notes in your life. Sometimes they are easy to miss in the busyness of the day, but they are there. God is putting small ornaments of beauty all around you, sparkling in delight, and embellishing the work that He’s already doing in you./p
pemWhat will you find today? I’d love to hear your “grace note” story!/em/p
pRachel Anne/p