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Happy Holidays One More Time

Dec 27, 2012

Happy Holidays! Have yours been as fattening as mine? I’m pretty sure I saw my thighs grow a couple inches while I was sitting at my mother’s dining room table on Christmas day. Sadly. . . .I’m not joking.By the time I pushed back from my bountiful plate filled (uh-hm. . .twice) with all the goodies my mom had made for us, my yoga pants were a bit tighter. Good thing I had on a long flowy sweater to disguise a few things. So, I relaxed, and let it all hang out. That’s what you do when you’re with family – just relax and let it all hang out.Beyond the food, the highlights of holidays are these little rascals:Yup.. . there are twelve little munchkins in that photo and they were ALL at my parents house for Christmas day. For the record, my parents’ house is not particularly big and spacious but it’s ours so we can’t imagine anything different. It’s the same house that my siblings and I grew up in so the sweetness of nostalgia outweighs the fact that we have to pile on top of each other to fit our families inside together.It’s loud and chaotic and exhausting. . . and perfect.Our holiday adventures don’t end on Christmas day. The twelve kids and all of their parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. . and even a great-grandmother gather numerous times, over numerous meals and even numerous overnight sleepovers. There’s not one single solitary dull moment.. . or unused molecule of space. . . or oxygen.So… I know that we’ve already wished you Happy Holidays from Going Beyond Ministries but I wanted to do it again. . .at least one more time before the New Year rolls in.Thought this might be a good way to do it. Here’s Dr. Tony Evans – Dad, Grandfather. .  and pastor – at his finest! Enoy!

Video Link from Going Beyond.

You are loved!Priscilla