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Meryl and My Mother

Priscilla | Mar 07, 2010


Did you see the Oscars last night? I must admit, I’m not normally interested in taking in all of the festivities. It’s just too much for me to handle in one sitting BUT I am interested in the outfits. Come on, you know you are too! I want to see what those folks are wearing and more importantly how they are wearing it. So, the red carpet woos me and allures me. It calls me to watch and behold the glitter and glam that is synonymous with this auspicious event.

Lots of pearls.

Lots of diamonds.

Lots of flowing gowns.

But it seems that no one does it . . . like Meryl does. I’m talking Meryl Streep here, sisters. She is a timeless, classic work of art and is not merely respected in her craft but is timeless in her appearance. While trendy young things come and then go, she’s stayed the test of time and it seems like she only gets better with age. She refuses to succumb to the passing style that seems to capture others. Instead, she just sticks to the gorgeous, timeless style that works for her. If you can get over the plunging neck line on her gown last night, you’ll see that the color and design she chose was unique from so many of the others.

I gotta tell you, I think I am so drawn to her because she reminds me of my mother (sans the plunging neck line of course). Mom is just like Meryl . . . classic, fabulous, timeless and beautiful.

So to both Meryl and my mother I say, “You go girls!” So while I wasn’t able to find a bunch of shots on the fly of my mother from years gone by, it was fairly simple to find some of our dear Meryl. So here she is . . . Behold . . .

((pictures unavailable))

You have some favorites from last night?