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Jan 02, 2012

Ok, we need to have a discussion about PINTEREST. Have you all experienced the beauty that is Pinterest? If not, I’d be delighted to introduce you today. You need to know about this!

Pinterest is basically all of your favorite ideas, recipes, pictures, krafts, decorating tools, magazine articles, gift ideas, etc. put into one place. It lets you organize all the beautiful things you find on the web and put them in one place where you can go back to for reference. I’m telling you, this thing is revolutionary for people who love style, decor, and arts and crafts. 

Just let me show you some delightful things I found on pinterest today….

So I’m “following” one particular friend on Pinterest, and she posted this photo today, and I thought this would be such a good idea for people who have lived in a few different states. You cut out the state from a map and put a marker on the city that you lived in. Super easy and super cool idea for your home, right??

It gets better. Any gluten free people on our blog? These Raw Chipotle Cacao Brownies appeared as a suggestion of something I may like, and I am totally going to try these out because they look DIVINE. Pinterest is like the never ending idea of new recipes. I love it.

This is probably my favorite thing so far today. I would LOVE to hang this in my house somewhere. I’m not one to like very many “sayings” hung on my walls, but I think this is quite trendy and love it’s implication.

Are you sold yet? Check it out and see if you like it. I’d be curious to see what you think and the fun things you can find. And if you do like it, let me know so I can start following you. 

Happy Hunting to you!