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The Secret of Stones

Feb 01, 2010

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pHave you read Priscilla’s devotional for the month of February yet?  It is called the a href=”http://www.goingbeyond.com/jewelry-box/secret-stones” target=”_blank””Secret of Stones,”/a and it’s in the Jewelry Box./p
pFirst of all, I didn’t know stones had secrets.  I’ve stubbed my toe on many of them, but never considered that there was any spiritual truth in them…until now. I think I’m starting to see them in a whole new light./p
pI wish the devotionals in the Jewelry Box had a place for comments, because I have a feeling that this one will make someone want to let Priscilla know that her words made a difference today.  Feel free to come back here to the blog and leave a comment for her if you like!  What are the stones in emyour/em life? And will you look at them differently today?/p
pGoing beyond together,/p
pemPS you can subscribe to the Jewelry Box devotionals so you’ll never miss them again! Find the subscription information at the bottom of thea href=”http://www.goingbeyond.com/jewelry-box” target=”_blank” page/a./em/p