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Simple Pleasures

Priscilla | Feb 08, 2010

The past couple of days have been interesting. You see, it all started on Super Bowl Sunday. After church, I’d been out with the boys all day so the house could be nice and quiet for my husband. He enjoyed an empty house, soft sofa, food and the game. It was the day of his dreams! When I returned, the house wasn’t nearly as warm as it would normally be. He explained that it seemed there was a problem with the heater and he was going to have to call someone out to fix it.

The next morning, I started the normal routine of our day and pulled out some pans to make breakfast for my sons. I noticed that the pans were taking extremely long to warm up but didn’t think much about it until my husband popped his head in from our bedroom and said, “The shower is cold”.

All of a sudden, things started to connect. The heater was out, the shower was cold and the pans weren’t even hot enough to fry an egg. Hmm. The propane tank must be empty.

And indeed, it is.

So here I am, sitting at home in a big sweatshirt and pants and an oversized robe. This house is cold. I made a sandwich for lunch and the boys are getting grilled cheese for dinner (since I can use a George Foreman grill for that). I think the propane company will be here sometime today to give us what we need to get going again but until then, I’m extremely grateful for a simple pleasure – a habit I formed some years back.

I keep a heating pad beside my bed. Almost every night I turn it on while I’m getting ready, and then when I hop under the covers it’s waiting under there, beckoning my cold feet to come and get wrapped up in its wondrous glory! If you’ve got cold feet like I do then I don’t have to tell you how fabulous it feels to have something warm to cuddle those icicles up to. (Your husband will be grateful that, that “something” is not him).

Today, all day, I’ve been working from the warmth of my bed with my feet wrapped up in my warm heating pad – and I’m grateful for this simple pleasure that is keeping me warm in a house that’s run out of gas.

Now I just pray we paid the electric bill . . .

You got a simple pleasure?