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Thanksgiving Pumpkins and Christmas Trees

Nov 29, 2011



Pumpkins, orange and red leaves, turkeys, harvest wreaths – these are all signs of Thanksgiving.White twinkly lights, evergreen trees, pine cones, red bows – these are all signs of Christmas.And, unfortunately, all of these symbols, denoting two distinctly different holidays, were both up at my house this weekend. We jumped into our Christmas decorating full throttle on Saturday. Admittedly, I don’t have much to put around the house. Just a few things. We finally invested in a Christmas tree with a little height. The 3-ft one that had been a staple in our family since my first son turned 2, had begun to be an embarrassment to my children. With the oldest being nine years old, he and his brothers towered over that tiny green bush last Christmas. Jerry and I knew that we’d better go ahead a bring a bigger one in.So, this year we did it – got a pre-lit 7ft tree and a wreath for the front of the house. I cranked on some Christmas music while we put everything up. We finished up by posting the boy’s Christmas stockings on the mantle.For two full days, that Christmas decor brought in an air of holiday excitement. It certainly did feel like Christmas inside.But. . . there were still pumpkins on the front porch.I had totally forgotten that two large pumpkins and a basket of a dozen or so tiny ones were standing guard at the front door. Anyone coming over to visit would have been very confused. Signs of one thing outside and quite another on the inside.Outside and inside – We’ve gotta be the same in both places, ya’ll. The passion for Christ we profess outwardly really needs to be burning deeply in our hearts.I’ve been praying that my “front porch” will match my “living room”. How can I pray for you in this regard?Priscilla