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Welcome to Our Office

Aug 09, 2011

The month of August will be a little different for us here on the GB blog. You may be wondering where Miss Rachel Anne has been these past few days. We are missing her just as much as you are. She has a huge project going on this month and so while she is focusing all of her efforts in creating masterpieces, you will be hearing from Priscilla as usual, and then Antrenette, myself and perhaps a few words from our very own Mr Jerry Shirer. 

While we are up to new things, we wanted you to see where we work and a little bit of what goes on here at GBM during the day. You can see we have come a long way since Priscilla showed you our office last summer. It is so hard to believe we have almost been in this location for a year! 

So from our office to wherever it is you are watching this video, WELCOME!