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Will You Join Us in Prayer?

The Going Beyond Team | Apr 17, 2018


The LifeWay Women’s event team has been very busy preparing for the upcoming Priscilla Shirer Live Simulcast that will take place on April 28th. Priscilla and Anthony have both been busy in preparation as well! There are so many individuals working behind the scenes and so many moving parts to make an event like this happen. It is pretty amazing to watch something you’ve had a hand in and have worked so hard on come to fruition. And it’s even more amazing to see the women that have been (and will be) impacted by events like this.

But we know for any event or gathering, the enemy will try everything in his power to derail efforts.

But there is prayer . . . 

. . . and that is our weapon. For the next several days leading up to April 28th, we will be praying for the upcoming simulcast. Will you join us?

Below are seven prayer points we’ve put together. But please don’t let this list limit you. If you feel led to add any other aspects of the event to your personal prayer time, we definitely welcome them!

_  _  _  _  _


That God will be glorified. Simply that. That this event will bring Him nothing but glory. That His name will be lifted up in a very clear and tangible way.

For the women that will be attending. That God will till the soil of each heart that will be in attendance whether it be at the physical event in Tampa, at a host church, or in their home. That their hearts will be prepared for what God has for them. That they will come open and expectant to receive God’s all-consuming love through worship, teaching and community. That each will be drawn to Him and leave on fire for Him.

For the LifeWay Women’s event team. That they will have all the support they need in making sure that this event gives God all the glory. That each person involved will remain in good health as they prepare. That any opportunity for division will not penetrate the team. That there will be clarity and unity as a group. That there be renewed strength each and every day.

For the volunteers. For the men and women that are on the frontlines and behind the scenes. That a hedge of protection will be around them and their loved ones. That there will be no sickness, family emergencies or any other distraction to take them away from what they each have been called to do. That they will be able to comfortably balance their roles in their home life as well as their roles for the event.

For the host churches and groups. That there would be a protective covering around every aspect that pertains to hosting the simulcast. That the technical aspects that go in to broadcasting the message in their church or home will run smoothly with no hiccups to disrupt the flow. That the presence of God will be felt throughout the event from wherever they are watching.

For Priscilla as she prepares for her message. For clarity, insight and fresh revelation as she studies the Word and continues to seek the Lord for the exact words He would have her say. That He would take the message, this one message, and divide it up in a way that each individual woman listening will hear a specific Word that will speak directly to her life.

For Anthony Evans and the praise team. That the Lord sustains each voice that will serve through worship. That the presence of the Lord will be tangibly felt through our time of worship. That the words of each song will penetrate and mark each heart within earshot.

_  _  _  _  _


Thank you so much for joining us in prayer this week. Whether it be one day or all seven, your prayers are greatly appreciated!  Join us again next week as we continue to pray for this gathering. If you’d like to find out more information about the Priscilla Shirer Live Simulcast, visit our blog here.

The Going Beyond Team