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Work as Worship

Jan 09, 2011

Ever have to eat your own words? Seems like that’s a regular part of my menu.

Priscilla and I were talking, she with her gigantic post-surgery boot propped up on a pillow, and me standing next to her bed. In the course of our conversation, she mentioned that it seemed like I was in a really good season of life right now.

“Oh, I don’t know about that.” I said. And I proceeded to complain about how I thought that, at this season of life, I shouldn’t have to work so hard in my “day job” so I could be more available to other pursuits. I mean, as a self-employed woman, so much of my life is filled with putting bread on the table and keeping the lights on – and it’s hard not to feel that I could be “doing so much more” for God if my schedule was more free. Not to mention that my flower beds might look a little better and I might have time to exercise regularly. (ha)

After I left Priscilla’s house, I felt a little ashamed of my whining, and I almost texted an apology to her for my poor attitude. But I got busy and forgot.

That is, until I happened to read some comments from Friday’s post on my other blog, Home Sanctuary. Jenn, one of my readers, had copied my own words from my post and repeated them back to me in her comment:

Whether you are a Stay-at-Home-Mom, a WAHM, WAFHM (Work Away From Home Mom), a single gal or grandmother, each day is filled with some kind of work.

And work is GOOD! Even when we think we’d like to have nothing but leisure time, in our hearts we know that would rot us to the core. Work can be a way to worship, if you think about it. You can glorify God by using your talents and gifts, or simply depending on Him to help you in the tasks that are “too hard” to do on your own. Work, whether raising children, doing laundry, preparing a meal, filing papers or digging ditches, gives us purpose and opportunity to glorify Him. It’s just that we forget to see it that way.” 

Ouch! Did I really say that??

I guess I was forgetting to see the purpose and opportunity that God affords me each and every day – to glorify Him with my time and efforts. I had to whisper a prayer of repentance right then.

Here is a great little clip of J.I. Packer on “Work is Worship.”


How about you? How do you see the work that you do each day? Do you see it as something that keeps you from “really” doing God’s will, or do you see it as part of His purpose for you? Do you worship Him with your time and efforts between 8 and 5, Monday through Friday, or do you see worship as something that only takes place after hours, at church and accompanied by music?

Tell us: How will you worship God today?

Rachel Anne