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Pass the Kleenex, Please!

Nicole | Feb 25, 2016


It’s almost the weekend, victorious people! (Fist pump in the air!) I pray your week has been a great one. Whether you’ve marked everything off your to-do list or still have a few stragglers, I wanted to share something with you really quick that I came across on the good ‘ol internet.

SOMETHING TO WATCH: I stumbled on this video that Kleenex made and I couldn’t not share it. I had no idea Kleenex made mini flicks that induced tears. It makes sense though. Tears. Kleenex. More tears. More Kleenex. Buy stock. Because man-oh-man.

To give you a backstory, a group of high school students from years past came together to recognize their chorus teacher – a teacher that has made a significant impact on each of their lives. This teacher has no idea what’s going to happen and believes she’s being filmed for other reasons. Great set up. Her reaction is priceless.

I have to warn you before you hit play though. You will cry. It’s a good possibility that it’ll be the ugly cry. But please don’t fight it because you may just hurt yourself. I speak only from experience here . . . although I am truly a complete and total softy.  🙂

I’ve watched this video so many times that I’ve lost count. It makes my heart dance every time.

Teachers, mentors, mothers, any of you that have influence over youth, I applaud you. I applaud you for staying the course. For showing up when it’s inconvenient, for sticking to it when it seems like that child just . . . will . . . not . . . change. Your consistency, compassion, and fervency are impacting the world. One young human at a time.

SOMETHING TO DO: We all have a teacher that we know, love and appreciate.  It could be a teacher friend, your child’s teacher, or the teacher that helped you conquer long division with fractions. ((sigh)) How about someone you consider a mentor? Write a note, send an email or a quick text to that person you know and love. Or even send a vox, so that she can listen to it over and over. Shower her (or him!) with praise and encouragement because more than likely, she may be tired and may feel like what she’s doing at that moment isn’t making one iota of a difference. Even if she doesn’t see the fruit of her labor at that very moment, every task, sacrifice and late night that she is working is WORTH IT.

Bravo teachers!

And goodness gracious, bravo Kleenex.