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And Now…It’s About YOU…

Mar 07, 2013

In July, I wrote a blog about my friend’s mom who had cancer and was battling it courageously (See “But Even If He Doesn’t”).  She had been fighting cancer for quite some time and all around her knew one thing for certain: Her hope, her trust, her faith were steadfastedly bedrocked in God’s love for her.  It was (and still is) a beautiful story that spurred all of our faith in the Lord to press in just a little closer, believe just a little more deeply and love just a little bit more passionately. 

Well, my friend’s fight came to an earthly close last week as she went to see Jesus face-to-face.  From her daughter (Ann’s) perspective, she met Jesus in a etherally beautiful way…just gliding into the Kingdom of God in peacefulness.  And she left children and grandchildren and husband of more than 5 decades to mourn her passing with a bittersweet sorrow…grateful she was with her Beloved, wishing they could have her with them. 

As I was praying for my friend today, I kept thinking of you.  You so courageously and generously meet with us on the blog here, day-after-day-after-day.  You tell us things that God is teaching you, soak in His Word and then walk out your faith in a stunning way in this world.  We constantly remark on how much we are blessed and encouraged by y’all…and how overwhelmingly grateful we are for you!

So, as you spent Wednesday praying for the women of the latest Priscilla Shirer Live, we GB girls thought it only fitting that we spend this day praying for YOU.  Would you take a minute and write down where you need God to most comethrough for a breakthrough?  A healing?  An answer to a problem?  Money for a house payment? Would you be authentic and vulnerable so we can pray specifically for you and your heart as you continue to fight for the Kingdom in this world?

We are nuts about you here…and still sad for my friend…so as I continue to lift her and her family up, would you join me?  And toss me YOUR request so I can add you to my list?


You are FIERCELY loved,