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Need Your Prayers

Mar 05, 2013

As you all probably know, a bunch of gals gathered in Kansas City (First Baptist Church in Raytown to be exact) for the first Priscilla Shirer Live event this year. If you’ve not been able to join Priscilla in person to hear her teach the Word you’ve really got to do yourself a favor and get to the closest event near you this year. I’m telling you – it will be MORE than worth your time. If you need a babysitter – call me! I’m coming over so you can get there =)

I do believe that Priscilla would say that one of her favorite parts of these events is the prayer time that happens on Saturday morning. There is just something really sweet and powerful about those 45 minutes that we all take to pray for each other; I just can’t quite explain it. I believe God is quite fond of it as well because we have been privileged to hear from you all after the fact about your prayers being answered and it.is.AWESOME.

marriages restored . . . 

new believers coming into the Kingdom . . .

impossibilities made possible . . .

I know sometimes it’s hard to relate to you if you weren’t actually at the event. Which is exactly why I’m chatting with you today; because I want to ask you to hop on over here today and pick one of these prayer requests that we received from this weekend and pray for that particular request this week. You could be a HUGE part of one of these women’s lives in a very practical way by just a few minutes of prayer each day! 

We’d so appreciate your help. And I know the woman behind that request would be extremely grateful. I’m excited to see what God does! 

So pick one of the requests, let us know in the comment section below which one you are praying for so we can be sure not to double up, and let’s believe God for our friends in Kansas City!

Thankful for YOU, our sweet blog community! Blessings to you today,