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A Beautiful Space

Dec 27, 2011

Hello Blog Family!Did you have a wonderful Christmas? I hope you shared time with lots of family and had tons of tremendous food! I certainly enjoyed myself. We lounged around all day at my parents house and enjoyed each other.I couldn’t wait to have a moment to tell you about a Christmas gift I received that I am so grateful for. I’ve been planning and waiting on it for nearly 1 1/2 years now and a couple of my friends got it completed for me right in time for Christmas day!So, last year, you may remember that I took you on a tour of a section of our office space and asked for you to chime in with your decorating ideas. If you didn’t see that blog post and conversation, please take time to look back on that discussion. You’ll see the “starting point” of a wonderful decorating project and the following photos will be that much more fun for you to see! Not only that, but the decorating ideas that you guys gave me were priceless. I love beautifully decorated rooms but I’m not great at actually decorating. For some reason, a room never comes together how I’ve got it pictured in my mind. So, I needed your help desperately and you came through! Those comments were invaluably insightful and could be helpful for anybody who would like a little insight on decor.Around 11pm on December 23rd, I came to the office to find a completed project! This is how I felt when I walked in!

Please note: from this point forward I will be bragging profusely about everything and I am only doing that because I DIDN’T SPEARHEAD THIS PROJECT. . .my sweet friends Laurie Anna and Patti did and I just cannot brag on them enough.It is the most lovely thing ever! We decided to set it up more like a home than an office and indeed it is cozy and homey! Just lovely!Take a look and thanks for all of your help!Here’s the front porch. 

  When you walk inside all manner of AMAZINGLY gorgeousness (is that a word?) is everywhere! I’m nuts about the creamy, neutral tones!

    The kitchen!

 Yes. . .those are aprons that they used for drapes over the kitchen sink. Can you believe it?

And what do you do with a tiny hallway that doesn’t have much space for any major pieces of decor . .. and, on top of that, has an unsightly vent at the top of one of the walls that needs to be creatively covered?

Such a cute, tiny bathroom!

They did a great job on my office. It’s a tiny room. . maybe 10×12 but the huge wall mirror makes it seem so much larger!

I cannot wait to cuddle up in this window seat!

A creative decorating choice (that I never would have been smart enough to make) to take the closet door off the hinges and hang drapes instead. I love it!

Peek inside!

Above my desk they hung a crib size box spring! I’m going to be hanging your Bible study group photos on it using clothes pins! YOU are my inspiration!

Take a closer look at the framed photos/art above my desk. Each one has a photo of my parents at 18 years old. This is my Dad. The backdrop of his photo are some of his favorite passages of Scripture.Special thanks to my brilliantly artistic friend Ashley Gilbert for making this happen!

Last but certainly not least, we decided to let one room be a bedroom.

  The most amazing thing about all of these fabulous rooms is that most of these things were purchased at hugely discounted prices. (And that’s the kind of decorating I am interested in!) Praise the Lord. We are so blessed and will love serving you from this office He has given to us.Check out Laurie Anna’s store and blog. You’ll love reading her post, browsing her store and learning from her creativity! She and Patti are some of my favorite people on earth and are unbelievably talented! I am so grateful to the Lord for causing our paths to cross and am so blessed to have them as friends! They make an incredible team! If you are ever in Canton, Texas make it a point to stop into their store. You will be so glad that you did!Blessings to you guys today!Priscilla