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I want a puppy!!!

Dec 28, 2011

Okay, so lately I’ve been thinking about getting a dog. Like, a real live, running around the house, chewing on my favorite shoes, needing to be potty trained, dog. However, ninety percent of the people who I’ve talked to about this do not think it’s a good idea. These are the responses that I’ve received so far…..


You’re too busy for a dog.

A dog is too much work.

Dogs are too expensive.

Get a cat instead.

Find a hobby


And the best response EVER has been….”Girl, all you need is a man”! Huh?!?!


Soooo, I thought I would solicit responses from my most reliable source, which is YOU ALL!!! What do y’all think? I mean, I do work and go to school, but I am home a lot and I’ve always had dogs growing up so it feels really weird not to have one. Also, I live alone, so it would really be a great source of protection! Have I convinced you yet?


I was thinking about getting one that looked like her…..



Or one of these….



So what do y’all think….puppy or no puppy? Are you a dog lover? If so, what type of animal do you have?


I sure hope y’all are on my side on this one:) Can’t wait to read all of your comments.