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Deeper Still – Behind the Scenes

Dec 04, 2009


Linnae and I are back at the hotel after an incredible night at Deeper Still.  Travis Cottrell and his team led some amazing worship and I was really blessed by the updated versions of the hymns we sang among the other songs.  It was PAR’ful.

Then, Kay Arthur preached the book of Hebrews.  

Ya’ll, the BOOK of Hebrews.  And it was awesome.

What a powerful message on truly LIVING BY FAITH.  I was scrawling notes on the back of a grocery list because I left my notebook at the hotel, but most of the time, I was sitting in awe of the Word pouring out of this amazing teacher.  There were many women who stood to commit their lives to Jesus and that’s when I lost it. The tears started bubbling over because today was the day of their salvation.  Wow.

One of the highlights (or humbling lowlights, however you want to look at it) was when I found myself on the front row and discovered that I was right in between Miss Kay and Priscilla…with Beth Moore on the next seat over!  Oh, for the floor to swallow me up right then and there.  I felt like an IDIOT sitting right smack in the middle of Greatness.

Now would be a good place to sing the Sesame Street song, “one of these is not like the other.”  I panicked and started gathering my things to move and was mumbling something about this being awkward and then Priscilla grabbed my arm and said through clenched lips: “shut up and sit down.”  Not in so many words, but that’s what her eyes said.

So I did. Right on Miss Kay’s Bible.

I know you’re supposed to stand on the Word, but sitting on it??  Only I could pull that one off with such grace.

Saturday will be exciting, hearing both Priscilla and Beth Moore speak.  Already my heart is full, so it’s hard to even imagine receiving more.  But somehow I’ll find the room to squeeze it in!

Here are a couple of video clips from before the event got started: Priscilla and Paige Greene, and a fun visit with Miss Kay when Priscilla went a-knocking on her hotel room door.

Paige does a great rendition of “Ebony and Ivory”, almost as good as “Ooooklahoma,” or maybe even better than.

Miss Kay takes a minute to chat with Priscilla.
I heard that the van is picking us up before 8 am to take the Going Beyond team to breakfast, and that means I’d better try and get some beauty sleep!
See you tomorrow!
Rachel Anne