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Do You Respect Him?

Aug 28, 2014

Every sibling group has a baby – the one that’s the youngest and somehow the most tender and the most sweet no matter what they do. That youngest brother or sister can get away with things that the others never would. You baby them and carry them on your hip and cover for their wrongs well beyond the age that you should. You pinch their cheeks, take their pictures and hide your annoyance when they get the most attention (and the most Christmas presents under the tree).
You wonder if they are ever going to grow up – even though they are about to graduate high school.

And then. . .all of a sudden. . .they do.

Seemingly, overnight, the baby is not the baby anymore. He’s a solid, mature, thoughtful, responsible husband and father who surprises you with his depth of insight and entrepreneurial ingenuity. You actually imagine that one day, sooner than later, you’ll end up working the front desk at a company he builds. . .and somehow, you’re happy about it.

That’s cause. . .you’re a proud sister.

That’s certainly what I am.

Jonathan Evans
is one of my favorite people on the planet. I don’t have near enough time to tell you all the funny stories and memories from our childhood that were centered around his gregarious personality. He was – and still is – always a bright light in our lives. He is a man that I respect and admire for his leadership and devotion to family and the faith.

Currently, Jonathan is on the tail end of completing his Masters of Theology Degree at Dallas Theological Seminary and serves as the chaplain of the Dallas Cowboys. He is married to one of my closest friends and together they have three beautiful children. He is a great communicator (just like his father) and listening to his preaching is one of my favorite things to do.

Today, he writes about respecting God – a thought provoking-message that we all need to hear.



Jonathan Evans

Read it: Proverbs 1:7

As a kid growing up in the Evans household, it’s safe to say that I had a fear of my father. This did not mean I was scared of him, but it did mean that I highly respected him. Whenever I was disobedient, whether in school or at home, I knew that not only would my father be disappointed in me, but I would also be reprimanded for my actions. I never wanted to disappoint my father because of our relationship but I, of course, did not want to be reprimanded for my actions because of the pain! I quickly realized that doing things my own way without first getting instructions from my father was not a good idea. I learned that respecting my father while skipping his instruction was not respecting him at all. I learned that true respect and true reverence for my father would be to go to him upfront and receive the knowledge I needed to apply things appropriately. When I began to operate this way people would say, “for a young kid, you are wise beyond your years.” However, I knew on the inside that I was a regular kid with a very wise father.

Fearing or respecting God does not mean that you just say that you respect Him. It is not displayed by simply going to church on Sunday or having an occasional Bible study. It is not displayed by simply really feeling that you respect Him or that you participate in a lot of religious activities. It does mean however, that you go to Him FIRST! It means that your entire mentality is derived off of His mentality. It means that your goal is to not take any steps in life that are outside of instruction received by Him. It means that your father in heaven has the only say and the final say over every area of your life. Many people will claim that they have a fear or respect for their father in heaven, while they simultaneously skip his instruction. If you fear God, He will become the beginning of all of your knowledge. He will be FIRST! Then people will say, “You are wise beyond your years,” But that’s when you can say, ” I am just a kid with a wise Father.”

Think about it: Do you respect Him or do you RESPECT Him?