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February Events

Jan 31, 2011

We’ve got a couple of events this month that we want to invite you to be a part of!

Feb. 9 at 12pm CST – Lifeway Webcast

We will have details on the webcast as we get a little closer to it, but be sure and pencil it onto your calendars now because you won’t want to miss Priscilla talking to you in the comfort of YOUR OWN HOME! Yeah, baby. You get to stay in your pajamas! It can’t get any easier to see Priscilla live – and the webcasts are really cool because you can ask questions in the chat room and it’s almost like having Priscilla in the same room with you. She won’t mind your PJ’s. We’ll let you know how you can be a part of it….so stay tuned.


Feb. 25-26 Going Beyond in San Antonio, TX

If you’ve never been to a Going Beyond event, you will be in for a treat. More intimate than a Deeper Still event, you are able to truly be “up close” with Priscilla and the message she brings. These conferences are truly life-changing and heart-touching….and I can say that because that’s been my own experience. If you can get there, I hope you’ll take the opportunity to be part of the weekend. Registration will fill up fast so don’t dilly-dally, girl. 🙂

Do you ever wonder when Priscilla will be in your area? If you click on the “Events” tab at the top of the website, you can find all the upcoming places she’ll be, and the registration information is available right there as well. I also suggest following our Miss P on Twitter, because not only will you find out about her events, you will also get the low-down on things like: messes her kids are getting into, Chick-FilA reports, Jerry updates, wardrobe and hair issues, and grocery store adventures. You’d hate to miss any of it. Yep, our girl tweets it all!

Will you be part of either of these events? Let us know so we can give you a shout out!

Rachel Anne