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God’s Presence – Never Far

Rachel Anne | Mar 25, 2010

The first of the Texas bluebonnets began to bloom this week. I had to smile when I saw my first blossom, because I nearly missed it on my determined march to the mailbox the other day. I was lost in plans and was organizing projects in my head as I strode down the gravel road. I swung my arms to get oxygen to my brain and to fool myself into thinking I was exercising.

The purpley-blue movement from the corner of my eye took a moment to register. It was a good three steps later that I stopped in my tracks and turned around. Was it? Was it a bluebonnet? I turned and walked slowly back to look.

And that’s when I couldn’t help the smile. Poking out from the grasses it will eventually dwarf, was the first little bloom of the season. Aww! I had to snap a photo with my phone.

And I had to whisper a little prayer of thanks for the reminder to simply stop. To turn and look. To take a moment to appreciate new blooms and fresh spring grass. God beckons in bluebonnets, did you know that?  I do now.

How is God beckoning you?

Rachel Anne

You can see God from anywhere if your mind is set to love and obey Him. ~ A. W. Tozer