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A Good Word

Oct 04, 2011

I absolutely love this month’s Jewelry Box. Priscilla posted it just this week – Have you seen it yet? Our emailing system had a glitch this month, so if you are signed up to receive the Jewelry Box and didn’t get the email this week, we are working to get this fixed. But in the meantime, I wanted to make sure that you saw it. 

You can read it here 

Well, what do you think?

Have your circumstances changed so drastically over the years that you are seriously wondering if God’s word to you will still be accomplished? Are you discouraged as you survey the dramatic alterations in your life circumstances because it appears that the promises He whispered into your spiritual ear have long expired? Has so much time passed that you wonder if anything you once held certain will pan out in the end? In the business of life have you even seemed to lose clear view of God’s presence with you?