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Guest Blogger: Fawn Weaver | 3 Secrets to a Loving, Happy and Lifelong Marriage

Fawn Weaver | Oct 17, 2013

Hey friend,

Glad you are here because today’s guest blogger is someone I’ve been dying to introduce you to. Fawn (don’t you just love that name) is a proud wife. And if you doubt it, you only have to take a look at the back of her car to be jolted out of your disbelief. She’s got “K. Weaver’s wife” inscribed on her license plate frame.

Tired of hearing folks malign the beauty of marriage and downplay the joys of choosing to say “I Do”, she decided to travel the world (I’m serious, she literally traveled all over the globe) to interview women in happy marriages and ask them what they love most about their relationships. Then, (and this is just pure genius) she started The Happy Wives Club – an online group that has been joined by hundreds and hundreds of women who want to put a stop to the terrible images of doomed and unhappy marriages that are more prominent now then ever before.

So, listen, you need to join the club sister! Join it today by clicking here and start making your way to happy (if you aren’t already there). Today’s blog post will be the kick in the pants you need . . .cause let’s face it, some of us literally need to be kicked or slapped or put in a headlock or. . .

. . .err. . .umm. . .excuse me. .

*clearing my throat

Fawn’s book is releasing nationwide and, listen to me now, it’s a gem of a book. I got my hands on it several months ago and have already read it. Couldn’t put it down. It is worth your time and energy (even if you are a single gal).

So, enjoy today’s post by Fawn Weaver then hop online and pre-order your copy of her book today!


When my husband and I married ten years ago, I was head over heels in love. With every year that passed, I expected that love might diminish. This expectation was not based on what we felt but rather the endless amount of poor advice we received that usually began with, “Oh, hold on to that love you feel because once you get passed your newlywed years, it’ll change”.

For years, I kept waiting for the bottom to fall out. Surely, the rug would be pulled from under us at any time. And then I had the mother of all aha moments.

Just as life is what you make of it, so is the case with marriage. My marriage was all I ever dreamed (and more) because we were intentional about creating it. Our days together got better and our love strengthened over time because that was our determination.

The love I shared with my husband on the first day we said ‘I do’ has only gotten better over time and ten years later, our friendship is stronger than ever.

You might be reading this and think what my husband and I share is rare. I want to assure you it is not. I spend my days speaking with happily married couples and last year I traveled to a countless number of cities in 12 countries on 6 continents interviewing couples happily married 25 years or more.

I journeyed around the world in search of the common denominator between those happily married. I wanted to discover what they all had in common regardless of race, religion, socio-economic status, culture or upbringing.

What I discovered surprised me. In spite of its knack for eluding the masses, the fundamentals of a happy marriage are incredibly simple. From Los Angeles to London, Cape Town to Sydney, the Philippines to Auckland, what made a marriage great was identical around the world.

In all, I discovered 12 secrets to a happy marriage, all of which are shared in my book, Happy Wives Club. But I also wanted to share three of them with you today:

1. Choose your friends wisely: Surrounding yourself with others who build up marriage rather than attempt to tear it down is a must. People who believe in the power of love and the ability for a marriage to last a lifetime, these are the ones allowed into the inner circle of those happily married.

2. Laugh your buttocks off!
Don’t take yourself too seriously. Those happily married can joke about each other’s shortcomings, quirks and idiosyncrasies without getting offended.

3. Have no plan B. Have no plan B; it distracts from plan A. Removing divorce from the marital equation removes the pressure to come to a resolution on a disagreement immediately. It lets you agree to disagree and helps you ease into discussions rather than crashing into arguments. Having no plan B allows love to prevail above all failures, mistakes, and doubts.