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Jesus Said Love

Oct 15, 2013

A bunch of my girlfriends are going to be joining me for one of my favorite gatherings of the entire year!

Have you heard about it yet? Are you coming?

This event is so near to my heart because we dreamed it up specifically for the women of my hometown – Dallas Ft. Worth and surrounding areas. Now, we’ve got sisters who drive in from all over to join us and, listen, if that’s your plan you come right ahead. You are so welcome and we’ll be praying traveling graces over you while you journey.

But, will you excuse us if we mention a few things that are “DFW specific”?

is designed to do . . .well. . it’s designed to do just that, awaken local women to the things and people that are in our city – other women in Christ, their churches & their needs and then give us all an opportunity to pray for them and get involved in blessing them. I figured that since we are all driving down the same freeways, working in the same office buildings, sending our kids to the same schools, attending the same churches and running errands at the same grocery stores, we could pray that God would blanket all of us – all of us – with His protection and care.

And. . .we want to bless you! We want you to leave Awaken refreshed and renewed in your relationship with God.

Along with the encouragement that we pray you’ll personally receive, we are hoping that you’ll come with an open heart and open hands ready to reach out to others in your area. At each of our events, we choose a different outreach project for the Awaken sisters to get involved in. This time, I’m so excited to introduce you to “Jesus Said Love” –
a ministry that bravely reaches out to women who work as dancers in local clubs and bars.

I want to talk to you about it personally so watch this short video and then meet me back here, ok? 

Awaken Outreach from Going Beyond on Vimeo.

Well shoot, please ignore my “nearing-forty-brain”. I must have said “Jesus Loves Dallas” 800 times in that video. But, it is, indeed, “Jesus Said Love”! I guess the main part was right – LOVE! That’s what they do and that’s what we get the honor to do with them as well. So, thank you for joining with me and choosing to replace judgment with love. Together, our generosity will help the wonderful people at “Jesus Said Love” to establish a relationship with these women that will lead each of them to experience wholeness in every area of their lives.

So, when you come to Awaken please bring one or more of the following things:

1. A $10 gift to Target or Walmart.

2. A Bath and Body Works product. (8oz body lotion, 8oz bodyspray &/or 7.5oz hand sanitizer)

3. A $20 gift card to a local restaurant.

I’m so excited that I think I’m going to bring all three of these options! I want to do as much as I can to show these women, who very often feel marginalized and judged, the love and care of Christ. And I’m sure you want to as well. So, if you’re coming to Awaken on the 24th, tell me which of these options you think you’ll be able to bring.

If you aren’t coming to Awaken can I still encourage you to get involved with this ministry? Look them up on line here then send your gift directly to their ministry. No offering is too small.

Thank you guys for serving the Lord with me. It’s an honor to partner with you.

You are fiercely loved,