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Happy Birthday Priscilla!!!

Dec 29, 2011

When I first came to work at Going Beyond, I was talking with a friend about my new job.  She almost started squealing when I told her I would be working for Priscilla.  She said, 

“Annetta, you have no idea how much she has impacted my life.  Just one year ago, I was in this really dark place.  I had a nasty breakup with a guy I thought I was going to marry.  I had been reeling from that breakup for MONTHS and just couldn’t get out of this spiral of depression.  I was so sad.  All the time.  But then I had a friend invite me to hear her speak at some event.  I walked in and it felt like everything she was preaching was being said just for me.  I felt like, for the first time in almost a year, I had hope.  That night, she preached hope into my heart.  And since then, I have been running in that hope, without looking back.  She preached hope into me.”

My friend just kept saying those words, “She preached hope into me.”  

Many of you might have figured it out already, but Priscilla’s birthday is TOMORROW!  AH!  We at Going Beyond are sooo excited to get to celebrate her life.  She has already impacted each of our lives in monumental ways.  

I thought it might be fun to get a little dialogue going on all the ways you have heard from God through Priscilla.  Maybe you’re like my friend, who heard Priscilla speak once and it helped her to start running again…maybe you’re a regular studier of her books…maybe, oh, there are a MILLION maybe’s!  

If you feel like God’s ministry through Priscilla has impacted YOU, we’d love to hear about it…to encourage Priscilla on this day…to celebrate Him giving her to us just 21 years ago!  😉

I just KNOW you’re fingers are itching to get going, so I’ll shut up..

Get ready, get set, TYPE!