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Hello Fabulous You!

Priscilla Shirer | Feb 03, 2014

Seeing YOU is a treat for me!

Like, for real.

If I had it my way, the segment of our women’s ministry that actually requires me to BE WITH WOMEN would cover 100% of our activities. But, our reality is much different. Those times when I get to travel to where you are and get a good look at your smiling faces are really quite few and far between.

Rightfully so.

There are three rapidly growing boys right here in my home that need tons of attention and beyond that, plenty of study and writing that require me to be alone in order to get anything sensible written down on a page. I can’t be with women if I haven’t prepared. And the hours spent in preparation are far more than the ones actually spent delivering what I’ve prepared.

To be fair, these times of solitude are a breath of fresh air – a welcome change from the busyness that life can often bring – but I’m always anxious to see you.

Like, for real.

So, when you send me photos of your Bible study groups or your cute lonesome self reading one of our resources in the Lazy Boy chair beside the fireplace, I just smile from ear to ear and giggle a bit. That’s exactly what I did when I got this twit pic:

gideon bible study

So fun!

I print so many of the photos that you send me and pin them a make-shift bulletin board that is on the wall in my office. So, thanks so much for tweeting YOU. Gives me a chance to feel connected even when I’m just making lunch for these kiddos, folding laundry or writing alone in my office. Seeing your tweeted lessons and insights from what you are studying is an added bonus!

Since there’s not a way to attach photos to our blog, I thought it would be fun to do a Bible Study Roll Call. If you are in one of our studies or you are just reading one of our books, tell me your name, what study or book you are engrossed in right now and what city you live in. You can also leave the name of your church or where your study group is being held.

This will not only give me a chance to “meet” you and pray with your specific details in mind but it might also allow someone in your area to know where they can go to join a Bible study group!

Looking forward to “seeing” you today! Thanks for letting me serve you.
It’s a joy!