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Knock It Off and Settle Down. Please.

Mar 10, 2011

Have you ever noticed how, when your kids are getting loud and out of control, a soft voice gets their attention? As parents, sometimes our first inclination is to yell over the noise to get them to knock it off and settle down….which isn’t a very effective way of doing it. Trust me on that one.

I found, with my own children, that if I would wade into the scene and get down on their level – eye to eye – and speak quietly and firmly, they were better able to focus on my instructions and do what I asked.

Well, most of the time, anyway. 🙂

If you think about it, our heavenly Father uses the same technique with us, doesn’t he? There we are, all wound up and hyperactive in our busy, swirling chaos, and he just wades in, comes down on our level and speaks softly to us. He’s not yelling over the noise, clanging a bell or blowing a whistle to get our attention. No, he’s taking us aside, looking us in the eye and giving us his instructions through his Word….and lovingly expecting that we will comply.

Our job as his children is to pull in close, pay attention and cooperate. Just like those wiley kids who are learning to tune out the distractions and bring their heightened emotions down several notches to “Somewhat Reasonable,” we need to focus our attention on the one who is speaking….and then obey.

Is God’s quiet voice getting through your chaos? Stop for just a minute and let him take you aside into his presence. Do a little listening, a little focusing. You may have to knock it off and settle down in order to hear him….but he’s speaking.

Rachel Anne

What is going on in your life that distracts you from God’s quiet voice?