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Little Marriage Miracles

Apr 30, 2010


Hello friends,

You are all on our minds today as we look back on last Friday’s post, seeing and hearing about the many marriages that need prayer, encouragement, and intervention. As we’ve mentioned, we have been praying for these marriages along with all those who have visited the blog, knowing and believing that God wants to restore and bring hope to our dear friends.

I just wonder if there haven’t been some stories this week where God has worked some miracles. I just wonder if there are some of you who have some stories where you know that it is only by the Grace of God and prayers of our friends that you’ve seen a slight change in your marriage this week, or your husband spoke kind words over you, or you got an apology that you weren’t expecting, or were even able to sit down and have a nice family meal together which hasn’t happened in a while.

I think we could use some encouragement, and am hoping that there are some of you who are willing to share what God has been speaking and doing this past week in your marriage or your friends marriages, that we have been praying so diligently for.

So let’s hear it . . . how has your marriage been changed this week for the better?