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Love, Laughter and Chocolate Cake

May 30, 2013

Hey Friends!


This week, some of our favorite ministry friends popped in the cottage for a little chocolate cake (Ode to Linnae & Priscilla) and honoring of our beloved friend’s departure into a new adventure.  I’m sure you can imagine how we all feel right now…it’s that bloated post-party feeling…you know what I’m talking about, you’ve ate and laughed, laughed and cried and then started the whole process over again!  Priscilla had brought a cute bag of fuzzy socks over, and all of us were cuddled up under blankets, giggling like 8th grade girls at a sleepover.   And as the sugar hugh started to descend, we were just about to make that a sleepover right there on that comfy white couch!


The whole reason we were there was to honor Nae, to impart our love for her as we heralded things we loved about her.  There were plenty of cheers raised (“Here, Here!”) when a particularly poignant praise point was lauded.  And the love seemed to extend beyond just heaping it on Nae…we all were making little comments of little things we liked about everyone in the room.  So by the time we left, we all felt full.  Full of love.  Full of joy.  And full of chocolate cake.


I’ve been thinking, what if we spent our days telling folks what we really appreciate about them?  What if we constantly point out the beautiful, God-created loveliness in other people?  What if I always TOLD my friend she looks stunning, or is witty or funny or loyal or kind, AS I thought about it?  Would I finish EVERY day as full of love and joy (sans the chocolate cake!) as today?


Proverbs 18:21 says “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.”  In light of our gorgeous gathering the other day, I read this verse and think:  I want to SPEAK life to others…for in speaking life to others, I GET more life.


Just a thought as we enter this summer..as the heat or kids surrounding us 24/7 makes us cranky…as our vacations feel like work and as work feels like hum-drum.  Praying we all speak life to all around today.  


You are LOVED!