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Mason Jars

Jun 09, 2013

Ok y’all.  Priscilla’s inspired me.  I’m getting organized!  Much like y’all, I’ve got a crazy schedule.  What with working full-time, leading worship for various events at church, leading a small group, serving for other events, having a lively group of social single friends, a close-knit family and a Grandmother nearby to visit once a week, most of my days start before the sky wakes up and end well after it’s put itself to bed.  I enjoy life being like this on most days.  But the first thing to go down the drain when life speeds up is nutrition in my world.  It’s much easier to grab a bag of potato chips (as I brush crumbs from the corners of my mouth!) and a drink at the convenience store and call it lunch.  But by the time dinner rolls around, I’m so hangry that God-bless the man or woman who gets in the way of my food.  It’s not pretty.  And a girl needs to maintain a LITTLE bit of decorum…So.

I’ve been looking about on pinterest and talking with friends and other blogs…and I decided to make this fun little concoction called a “Mason Jar Salad”.  Yep, it’s exactly what it sounds like…salad in a mason jar.  here’s the little template I went by:


Easy huh?  And I’ll keep you in the loop on whether or not it actually works…I’m kinda’ a salad junky to be honest.  I like a little bit of EVERYTHING in my salad…and think the more the merrier floating at the bottom of that jar!  So I’ve packed mine full of protein and veggies and a nice dose of green at the top.  I’ll let ya’ know how long it lasts too…they say a full 7 days…which, as I’m making 6, is perfect in my world.  Just perfect.  I can do a Sunday lunch out with my friends and call it a go!

Ok.  Have any of y’all tried this?  What are YOU doing to organize your life this summer?  Have y’all jumped on the organization bandwagon with Priscilla too?  If you haven’t had a moment, you’ve got to read her last blog on it…absolutely brilliant that one!

xx running!