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NBC’s Family Movie Night

Jul 14, 2010

Every now and then, something crosses our path that we think you might like. Here’s just such a one: Tomorrow, July 16 at 8/7c, NBC will be airing “The Jensen Project,” brought in part by Moms4familytv.com.

Hey, it’s a family movie night!!

Now, I think we all know that network TV is a rotten place to find family entertainment. I’ve complained about it many times myself. But the regular moms at moms4familytv.com decided to do more than just complain about it. They took matters into their own hands and went straight to the top to help get great family entertainment back on TV. I appreciate NBC, Walmart and P&G for stepping up to create some quality movies with star casts, like The Jensen Project. You can actually purchase the DVD’s at your local Walmart – they are calling these “Family Moments.” (The Jensen Project goes on sale July17, and the previous movie, Secrets of the Mountain is already available.)

Here’s what moms4familytv says:

“These shows deliver
exciting stories with realistic characters you can identify
with, and
feature strong, positive family depictions. But best of all,
they do all
of this without foul language, explicit scenes or overtly
violent acts.
That means you can bring your whole family together without
worry about diving for the remote.

However, this effort only works if families support these
If you want to have more opportunities to watch TV together
your family, then please be sure to put these family TV events
your calendar. Better yet, share this information with a
friend, and
let them know that great family TV is back.”

So here’s our chance to tell the networks and sponsors that we WILL watch good stuff if they’ll air it. I’m thrilled to see something like this, and NBC deserves some applause for doing it. Break out the popcorn, throw some pillows and blankets on the floor, and make it a family movie night!


Want to help spread the word? You can “Like” the movie on facebook, and tweet about it, too. You can become a “mom 4 family tv” by getting involved here. Hey, why not change our culture, right??

Rachel (I like Kettle Corn popcorn with a teeny bit of added salt)

…and a cold Pepsi