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Scripture Album

Jan 09, 2012

A while back, a special lady sent me a gift. Oh how I wish I could remember this sweet sister’s name. She was so thoughtful and kind to think of me and my family in this way.

The gift came in the mail to our ministry offices and somehow it got separated from the package it came in so I wasn’t able to put a name with the gift. 

But, I have been so grateful for this creative present. It has been such a gift to our family – particularly as I try to mother my sons in a way that is honoring to the Lord.

A while back we talked about quoting Scriptures over our children. It is a practice that is imperative for you and I as we try to transform our children’s minds. Well, this personalized gift has helped me so much. My kind friend sent three, one for each of my sons. Here’s a quick peek at one of them. Take a look!

This little “album” has about 20 pages of Scriptural promises and could easily be made from some inexpensive craft items in your local store. With a little bit of time, you could fill it with Scriptures that you could read to your little one and then re-organize as the years go by with some verses that are at their reading level when they start reading on their own. My boys used to sit on my knee while I read it to them but now, my two oldest boys grab it off their night stand and read it themselves.

They have certainly felt special having their “own” little book. They take pride in reading it and I try to help them internalize what the Scriptures and promises mean.

I’m so grateful for the sister who thought enough of me to send this some years ago. Our family is better off because it! THANK YOU!

I know you guys must have some other great ideas like this one. Willing to share?