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A Simple Fast

Jun 28, 2010

pThis morning, several of us “Going Beyond People” are fasting
breakfast. If you haven’t already poured your bowl of cheerios, I invite
you to join us! We are taking a step of obedience to do something that
God has been prompting us to do, but for whatever reason, we’ve put it
off until now. I would guess that each of us has a unique reason for
wanting to participate today….from drawing near to God, to interceding
for someone, to repenting, to simply turning our focus from ourselves
to the One who is beckoning./p
pstrongemRomans 12:1 says this:
“Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your
bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God—this is your
spiritual act of worship.”/em/strong/p
pLet your life be be worshipful,
and prayerful today – despite the work and commitments that will
inevitably fill it.  There is an underlying purpose to your morning
quiet time that will carry on throughout the day.  The fact that you are
setting aside your desire for toast and cheerios this morning, and
replacing it with earnest prayer and focus is a statement that you mean
some business. This is not just lip service, this is the real thing. I
know God will honor that and will begin to work in your situation./p
Linnae and I will be lifting you up in prayer as you step out in
obedience today. Some of you may see an immediate answer to prayer or a
release in the spirit…while others will simply know that they have
completed an act of discipline as unto Him. Hey, that’s huge! It’s a
tangible form of worship that we are participating in – we are honoring
the Living God by sacrificing something our flesh craves. It may seem
small, but I believe it is mighty./p
pWe’d love to hear
testimonies from this morning. If you’d like to share your experience,
what God is speaking to you, a scripture, a victory, or even your
struggle, I hope you’ll feel free to do that in the comments. We have a
wonderful circle of friends, here, and we can bear one anothers’ burdens
and celebrate the victories together./p
pIn Him, Rachel/p