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The Captive Mind

Priscilla | Mar 07, 2017

Jada Edwards
is hands down one of my favorite speakers and Bible teachers on the planet. As a pastor’s wife and women’s ministry leader, her passion is to help God’s daughters walk in their full potential. She mines God’s Word deeply and then shares its truths and treasures in a unique way that makes anyone listening see it and want to adjust their life according to it.

Her new book is just what you need to kick 2017 off the right way and with the right mindset. The Captive Mind will challenge you to shift your thought life and realign it to the victory you were created to experience.

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Bless you!

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…we don’t fall into strongholds in one moment; we fall step by step. The enemy, especially when you think you’re extra, super mature, is not going to bring you to the edge and expect you to jump in the pit. He will provide enticing things that draw you, one decision at a time,  down a certain path and before you know it, you realize you’re waist deep in a mess looking for a way out. 

Psalm 1:1 gives an example of this progression.

“Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked, or stand in the way of sinners, or sit in the seat of scoffers.”

 This passage shows us the progression that happens in our decision-making process. 

 STEP 1: We walk in bad counsel – CONSIDERATION
STEP 2: We stand in sinful ways  – CONCLUSION
STEP 3: We sit in sinful places (seats) – COMMITMENT 

Throughout the Bible, we have repeated examples of this kind of gradual shift.  The progression happens, but the good news is we can use that same principle of progression to subject our thoughts to the obedience of Christ. Our thoughts do not have to lead us into a sin trap. They can lead us to freedom. 

Instead of falling into despair about your thought life, take action. Destroy those patterns. Get out of that pit.  When you first entertain a wrong way of thinking, until you act on it, it’s just a consideration. However, if you start to embrace that line of thinking, it will result in corresponding decisions. Then you progress from a consideration to a conclusion.  When you repeatedly act on that false thinking, your life takes on certain patterns or habits and you’ve just moved from conclusion to commitment.  In other words,  a stronghold. The aim is to address it that first time – before you act on it – and before it becomes a pattern. We want to attack the thinking that opened the door in the first place. We have to destroy that thinking because it is contrary to the truth of Christ. 

If you are going to seriously wage spiritual war against your thoughts, start with the seed. Attack the first idea of anything that goes against God’s truth.

Excerpt from The Captive Mind by Jada Edwards

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