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The Winter War Countdown – Our Final Week!

Priscilla | Jul 17, 2018


The release of Winter War is just days away and our final week of the countdown is here!!

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Arminda Stalnaker and Trish Flynn

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TELL US:  How have you dealt with doubt in a young person? Tell us what you have done to encourage a child dealing with doubt.

A signed copy of The Winter War and an Unseen devotional for your young reader.

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Below are a few of the comments shared from last week’s topic – how to overcome mistakes. You can read more here!

Arminda S. says: Explain to them that we are human, and we will make mistakes in this life, but our mistakes do not define us. The enemy will try to use those mistakes to condemn us, but we must know that we were made righteous through the One whose opinion truly matters, and that we have to accept His forgiveness and also forgive ourselves. If we live in a place of guilt and condemnation we will never achieve the life Christ died for us to have. We must learn from our mistakes, and use them to make better choices in the future.

Donna L. says: Normally, I ask or have a conversation with the child to determine what happened or at what point did they make a decision that lead to the unwanted consequences. Often, they and we, make decisions where the consequence is not seen until many circumstances later. After the root cause is discovered, we pray and humble ourselves before God asking Him to lead and guide and !help! us, for the changes that need to be made can only be made by Him.

Lori B. says: My daughter was doing well in school and was accepted into the Jr. National Honors Society. Her teachers were preparing her for EOG’s and finals. There was one class she had a problem with, Spanish. She admitted that she cheated through out the year and now that finals were coming up she didn’t know whether she was going to pass or not. She was worried. I prayed with her and she asked for forgiveness. I told her as long as I see that you are doing the best that you can for Jesus, seek help, study, and do extra credit, no matter what the grade turns out to be I will still love you and not be upset. So she did her best and was not able to bring her grade above a C. But she learned to never cheat and that it is worth doing her best in all that she does for Jesus.

Trish F. says: I discuss the mistake with the child that made the mistake, or both my boys if they were apart of the same mistake. I ask them why did they choose to do it, then I discuss what did happen because of it, other consequences that could have happened, then we discuss asking for forgiveness from the person the mistake was done to, if there was one, and have them ask for forgiveness from our Holy Father. And they learn by doing that, the enemy knows he cannot hinder, or block, my children from becoming the men God has in store for them to be or discourage them from the path this mom is helping them on as they grown into men but also continue to follow in the path of Jesus.