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Winners and Thanksgiving Hopes

Nov 20, 2011

Thanks to all of you who submitted your comments about your husbands on Friday. We loved reading through all of them! I had my roommates help me with the random drawing for the winners and they are . . . 

Mrs Dees Morris and Melanie

Congratulations! Please email us your mailing address to info@goingbeyond.com and we will get you your signed copy of The Resolution for Men.

We are embarking on one of my favorite weeks of the entire year: Thanksgiving! I know we are all excited for the short work week and time to hopefully rest and enjoy good friends and family. And of course delicious foods! 

This time last year we were sharing our “must have” recipes for our Thanksgiving meals. This year, it would be cool to know one thing you’d like to see happen this week. Maybe it’s as simple as a peaceful home with the family, all the kids playing well together or a chance to get a nap. Or, perhaps you’ve got a family member or friend you’ve been praying for and you’re hoping for a chance to connect and share the Lord with them. Whatever it is, we’d love to hear. 

Looking forward to seeing what the week holds for us all. And don’t forget, we’ve got a live webcast tomorrow at 10:00am cst with two very special men. 

Happy Thanksgiving Week!