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She’s God’s Girl!

Priscilla | Aug 02, 2016

Wynter Pitts
When Wynter Pitts started crafting resources for tween girls that she hoped would be both edifying and entertaining, she had no idea that they’d become such a big hit. What began as a mother’s interest to create something beautiful for her four daughters has turned into full-time ministry and job for this busy innovator and entrepreneur.Her tween-focused magazine has thousands of subscribers and the first volume of the For Girls Like You 90-day devotional has been all the rave, reviving the book sales slump in the genre and piquing the interest of young women everywhere.

Now, she releases her second devotional that will get the young woman in your life in the Word and engaged in topics that will help to inform her choices and shape her character.

We thought it would be fun to give away some copies of the devotional today and, more importantly, give you an opportunity to get to know Wynter better with a Q&A! You might just find some inspiration for yourself! You’ll find contest rules below.

PS . . . If you’d like to purchase Wynter’s devotional right away (which I encourage you to do) you can find the resource here. Order one for yourself and more for friends! You’ll be so glad you did!

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Wynter, many women are interested in pursuing their interests and possibly even turn them into second careers but they can’t even figure out how to begin or how to find the time to take the first step. What did this process look like for you?
Now that I can look back at how For Girls Like You began, my advice is to let your first and only step be to seek the heart and face of Jesus. Just before starting the magazine I was a mom that was desperately working on being intentional about raising my four girls. Being honest, being a mom, and an intentional one at that, did not seem natural for me. I was coming out of a professional career and always saw myself as a “working woman.” That said, seeking Jesus to me meant being obedient when he asked me to come home and to continue to be obedient, even when it didn’t feel good to put my kids, their activities, their laundry, their eating, and their needs in front of mine. Without obedience and really deeply seeing the needs of my girls up close and personal, For Girls Like You wouldn’t exist. God could have used anyone, but I’m glad he chose me. He took obedience, as flawed as it was, and added my skills and passions, and mixed it together to form what is now For Girls Like You. I couldn’t have made it up myself. He dropped it in my lap. He will drop His will in your life as well.

How do you manage a busy family of 6 and still have time (and energy) to edit your magazine and write new books?
One of the prayers of my heart is that I never let what I am doing for girls override what I do with the girls that live in my home. God has been faithful in answering that prayer. I find that when I am focused on spending time with Him, prioritizing my time and efforts in my home and with my family, then He gives me the energy and time I need to get the other things done. Even if that means me writing and editing very very late at night.

The bonus is that For Girls Like You is birthed from the time I spend with the girls that live in my home—Alena (12), Kaitlyn (9), Camryn and Olivia (7)—devotions and resources are written directly from conversations and experiences that we share together!

Can you tell us a bit about this new resource and who it caters to?
You’re God’s Girl is a resource designed to draw our young girls into a growing relationship with Jesus! Tween girls, even as young as 7 years old, ask questions about God, doubt assumptions, and wonder how belief fits into what they see ahead– You’re God’s Girl meets them where they are and points them to an understanding of their Creator’s love that lasts a lifetime.

I wrote You’re God’s Girl Devotional with my girls and yours in mind. 

The Devotions can be done individually, in a group setting or with parents to spark further conversation and create an atmosphere of listening and sharing.

You’re God’s Girl includes daily devotions written to your girl’s heart and will help her discover God’s truth – who He made her to be, how unique and special she is, and how she fits into her world.

There’s nothing more gorgeous than seeing God’s daughters walking hand in hand with their father, modeling kindness, obedience, and faithfulness!

You’re God’s Girl Devotions Include:
Why Does God Take His Name So Seriously?
What Is Faith and Why Do I Need It?
How Do I Speak “Love”?
Am I Part of God’s Story?
How Could God Know What It Is Like to Be Me?

What is a “God’s Girl”?
Simply put “God’s Girls” are His chosen, forgiven, loved and saved by grace daughters of the King!

How can I nurture my tween daughter and draw her into God’s word in a world that feeds our children so much information?
Our girls deserve so much more than clothes, celebrities and boys, yet so much of what is available to them focuses on these things. I believe their worlds open through things like character, adventure, friends, learning, service – and faith in God.

As parents, God has called us to set the environment, be the example and provide them with tools that draw them into relationship with Him.

That’s when we get to watch Him work, as His Word becomes alive and active in their world.

You also have a magazine that caters to tween girls. Please tell us more about that!
For Girls Like You magazine, is a subscription-based print resource with tween-endorsed sections such as “When I Grow Up,” “Around the World,” and “Meet Girls Like You.” Each issue is fun, practical and encouraging. It has become a favorite for young girls and the mothers looking out for them!

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We can’t wait to give away 3 copies of Wynter’s new devotional! You just need to do two things for a chance to win:

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