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The Winter War Countdown – Week Four

Priscilla | Jul 10, 2018


Welcome to week four of our Winter War countdown!  I’m praying these discussions have been super helpful and informative for you! Hit that play button and let’s get started on our topic for this week . . .

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Chelsea Johnson and JoKasta English

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TELL US: We all stumble and make mistakes. How have you helped your child move past the insecurity of a mistake that has rendered consequences, whether big or small, and not let the enemy discourage them from striving to be the young man or young lady that the Lord has called them to be?

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Below are a few of the comments shared from last week’s topic – celebrating your child’s unique gifts. You can read more here!

Amy H. says: My daughter is soft spoken but very compassionate. While she doesn’t get her voice heard very often, because her brother is rather loud, when she does speak, she speaks with kindness and love. God will use her gentle nature to help those who seek Him and for her to be a good listener to those that need a gentle ear.

Si B. says: My 8yr old daughter tends to take charge and tell the other siblings what to do, which may be seen as ‘bossy’. But I see it as a great sign of her leadership abilities that need to be harnessed.

Elsabe V. says: My son Samuel is ADHD and in a special school. He often ask why is he different from his brother and not in the same school. My answer is always. Jesus made every person special with different talents. Your school need your talents and your brother’s school needs his talents. No two persons are the same thus to be different is brilliant because it means that their is no person on earth like you. You are the only you just as God likes it.

Deborah K. says: My son has a heart of compassion for the weak and hurting. Though he may be made fun of by peers for sticking up for them or ostracized for hanging out with them, I know God will use him to bring encouragement to those around him. Sometimes he feels lonely but we have had many discussions on this topic and how to bring these matters before our Father who sees and knows all things.

Lenita G. says: I have one who is very bold and blunt and the other is a warrior. I see my warrior as one like Moses who was born to be a deliverer but has to be taught how to do it the right way. My bold one has to learn to speak the truth but always wrap it in the love of Jesus. I am leaning very heavily on the Lord to give me wisdom on how to nurture them in the right direction and not squash out their God given personalities. I rely heavily on the Word of God to teach them to find their identities in Christ.

Laura F. says: One way I try to help our children not to struggle with comparison is by trying to set a good example. We try to find ways to encourage the gifts we see (that may present a difficulty) in each of our children individually, and help lasso them in and cultivate a safe place of using and expressing their gifts. So when they are grown, they will be free to use their gifts and walk in their calling and purpose!

Victoria M. says: My child can be very giving and sometimes people take advantage of his giving nature. I encourage my son to use his giving heart for helping the homeless and elderly. He loves to make sure that residents in the nursing homes have someone who cares about them especially during the holidays.