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Leg Update

May 02, 2011

Friends, I have to update you on my leg/running situation since the last time I joined in here I was on a running hiatus due to pain I was experiencing in my upper leg. 

I am overjoyed to tell you that I went on my first run after 6 weeks on Easter Sunday and I was PAIN FREE! After 6 weeks (which by the way is the longest I’ve gone without running in years!) of machines at the gym and spin class, I am able to return to hitting the open road. Now, don’t worry, I’m easing back into it and taking it one step at a time. But I just could not believe that my leg didn’t hurt when I went on that first run on Easter. 

I learned so much those 6 weeks of not running. When something that brings you so much joy is taken away from you, you are bound to discover new things about yourself that you were unaware of, both good and bad. I’m not sure that God wanted my leg to be hurt, but I will say that I’m sure He wanted to use it for my good. 

I learned that I would be just fine if I could never run again. I know that’s a little dramatic but I seriously didn’t know that I would make it without running. Which brings me to my next point: I put running on a pedestal that it should not have been on. While it is a wonderful thing, I let it become an “escape” when sometimes it should not have been. I let it be something that defined me, rather than something to just flat out enjoy. 

I could really go on and on, but I don’t think that I will ever forget these past 6 weeks. It’s amazing how God can take our “interruptions” and turn them into something beautiful. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?!? (Life Interrupted). 

While I was putting to death running for 6 weeks, God was putting to death things in my life that weren’t bearing fruit. The results: not only a healed leg, but so much more than that, a girl who has become more alive to who she is in Christ! And it all happened on Easter Sunday! Crazy, isn’t it?