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Unfinished Business

Nicole Staples | Feb 09, 2014

I love Pinterest.  I really do.

I jokingly call it the ‘online abyss’ because one pin leads you to another pin, which easily leads you to another pin, which ultimately leads you to several hours of pinning crafts, recipes and other great ideas! I can easily get lost in that world. Easily! I never realized how much I actually loved it until I had to move a couple of years ago….

…and found my love for Pinterest in a small box I’d like to call ‘unfinished business’.

There were a few projects I just had to throw away because, truth be told, they didn’t turn out anything like the picture! But there was one in particular that I saved that I want to share with you (because I believe there’s hope). I’ll start off by sharing what the finished result is supposed to look like.

wax shells chandelier

Ooooh. Doesn’t it look glorious?

Yeah, well, unfortunately this is what I actually ended up with.

Ha! That’s it, folks! That’s my final result.

Sadly, I never made it past step 2. My mind had already wandered over to my next pinned project. And there I went, right along with it. So, I pushed aside my incomplete project to make room for my next, let’s face it, incomplete project. Sigh.

As lighthearted as my Pinterest projects are it made me think of serious matters in my personal life that I begin but don’t complete. I’ve caught myself many times stopping a project or a task right before I’d get to the finish line. Or I’d jump from one project to the next only to find myself in a balancing act between several different projects. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with multi-tasking but with so many things grabbing for our attention it can be difficult to focus on a single task. And in some cases, to actually complete it.

Do you have any unfinished business that you need to complete? There’s a peace that comes with finishing what plans God has placed in your lap to do. Whether it be completing your degree, cleaning out your closet or writing that apology letter…let’s get to it! Before the next big thing distracts you, pause, give yourself time to absorb the moment you are actually living in and ask God to help you see Him in the process.

Today may be the perfect day to pull down that box that’s been on your to-do list and begin unpacking. With God’s help, you can do it…I can do….we can do it…let’s do it together.

What are you committed to finishing?  I’d love to hear!

– Nicole –