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Praying…While Doing Hair?

Oct 27, 2010

I love Regina. She’s been doing my hair for well over 7 years now. She’s the perfect stylist for me as my mane doesn’t need a meek, timid handler. It requires someone with tenacity and courage, who doesn’t mind tackling it aggressively. 

Regina and Me

I knew she was the stylist for me, the very first time I met her. She took one look at my thick, wild tresses and said, “WOW! Let’s get started.” Which was so different from others who’d frowned at the time consuming prospect of letting me sit in their chair. I’m grateful.

Today, I learned something new about her while I was leaned back in her washing chair, head hung over the big black basin. My eyes were closed, enjoying one of her special treats – a head massage during the conditioning process – and I just sighed with relaxation. She giggled and then said, “You know I pray while I’m massaging, right? For every single client, I use the time that I’m massaging to ask God to bless, strengthen and transform the mind of the person I’m working on.”

My eyes shot open.

Praying . . . while doing hair. I’d never thought of that before.

Reminded me of a friend of mine who volunteered one day at Going Beyond Ministries. She spent the day learning how to package up the orders that people had purchased in our online store. She said, “I never realized how many steps would go into fulfilling an order. It’s a lot, but I think I want to add one more. When a package is completed, I’m going to pray over it – pray that God will anoint it to work wonders in the person who uses it.”

Praying . . . over packages.

Who would have thought!I wonder what kind of impact we could have in prayer if we used this privilege throughout the day in everything we are doing. How could you incorporate this in your life today? Do you know someone else who does it?Praying,Priscilla

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