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The Jewelry Box

Feb 13, 2012

Hey sister,Glad you are here today.I hope you are signed up to receive the Jewelry Box article each month*. I always enjoy writing something to encourage you in your walk with the Lord and hopefully challenge you as well. This month, I was compelled by Joseph and Mary’s frantic search for their Son on a “Passover-trip-gone-wrong” in Luke chapter 2.They looked everywhere – for days – and eventually their search ended up at the place where it really should have begun.I’m intrigued by how frantically and comprehensively we often search for God. We think that maybe we’ll find His voice, His presence or His will if we just go to that next conference, the “right” church service, or participate in a particular Bible study group taught by a particular teacher. We look high and low and become discouraged (and exhausted) when an encounter with Him seems to be beyond our reach. And yet, often our search ends up where it should have begun in the first place – on our knees, in His Word, alone with Him. He’d been waiting for us all along – standing by while we looked everywhere for the One who was really already with us.Take a moment to read this weeks Jewelry Box article by clicking here and then come back to the blog and share with me what the Lord is speaking to your heart.Looking forward to chatting with you.Priscilla


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