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Jewelry Box – Elbow Room

Rachel Anne | May 05, 2010


Even though I have the great privilege of working for Going Beyond ministries, I STILL sometimes forget to check the Jewelry Box on this website for Priscilla’s monthly devotionals.  And it’s a shame, because each simple reading is so chock full of encouragement and truth from God’s word that I literally bop my forehead with my palm when I read them. How could I miss them??

Take this month’s little jewel, Elbow Room.  It is a perfect illustration for what God is speaking to my heart.  I might guess that you’ll feel the same way when you read it. It speaks of moving from the place you’re at to a place that is risky . . . open . . . faith-filled . . . and ready for God to work.

Elbow room. God space.

Don’t you want that?  I do. Thanks, Priscilla, for sharing your heart.