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Jewelry Box, November

Nov 01, 2012

There have been many times in my almost four years of working for Going Beyond, sitting under Priscilla’s teachings that God has used the messages to speak to me, but this month’s Jewelry Box might be one of my favorite writings of hers of all time. 

For whatever reason, I think this is such a timely word and something that is going to be such a blessing to you, if you haven’t already had a chance to read. 

So, without further ado… I introduce you to such a beautiful writing by our friend, Priscilla. 

Click here

By the way, did you know that you can get these emailed to you when it is first published? You do that by clicking on the link above and scrolling to the bottom of the page and fill out the inforation where it says “Sign up here to have the Jewelry Box emailed to you monthly”. 

I’d love to know if you enjoyed it just as much as I did! 

Praying for more of Him for each of us this month!